Doing It Right

When my son was born I worried about literally everything. How much he ate, or didn’t. How much he slept, or didn’t. How much he cried, peed, pooped.. the list of worries was endless. And I was always sure I was doing it wrong. I looked to friends, family and the internet for reassurance that I was in fact ‘doing it right’. But no matter what they said I was always afraid I was going to screw something, or everything, up.

And something I have learned over the past five years of riding this rollercoaster that is being a parent; doing your best is so much better than ‘doing it right’. It’s mostly about trying, even if or when you fail. And loving…above all it is about love. And if you are worrying that you are not doing it right then you are definitely in love with that little being that is cooing and pooping on you. 🙂

For all the Moms and Dads out there know that if you are up late reading this because somehow googling “is this poop color normal” brought you here, you are in fact ‘doing it right’. And for anyone that just smirked because you have googled some such thing, I applaud you as well.

Good night.


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