Homeschooling Day 1

Well day one of homeschooling is in the books! And to be honest it was a lot of fun. We had a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls and took our first day pictures, which is always a little hectic.


Then we got down to business, this weeks theme is ‘All about Me’. We are going to learn about our senses and also learn a little more about homeschooling. We started by talking about our five senses and what they do. Then we working on a few reading and writing exercises.

After that it was time to go out and play for a little bit. Then it was snack time and a little Sesame Street (also talking about our five senses). Then we did a little reading time, we read “This is my Home, This is my School” by Jonathan Bean. It is a great read for little ones. We also read “All By Myself” by Mercer Mayer. It’s a little bit of a silly book, it was a big hit.

After that we did a small craft and made an “All About Me” book where little Man told me all his favorite things and even did a self portrait. It was great!

We can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. 🙂



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