Last Days of 2016

What a crazy year it’s been! I can hardly believe 2016 is almost over. We have made so many great memories this year!

Homeschooling is going great! We have a had few bumps along the way and hard days but we have learned to take a deep breath and keep going. My little man is having a great time and little sister is even starting to enjoy it. I have also noticed that we are much closer as a family now then we were. We have done some very cool things this year.

We spent most of December doing countdown to Christmas and Advent activities which the kids really enjoyed. We even had time for a family field trip day to Syracuse to go to the MoST and see the Lights on the Lake. It was a great day and we were able to get a great membership deal to a few other local museums for the coming year.

We will be starting up with home-school again on 1/2/17, I just started planning this morning! 🙂

It’s my goal in the new year to document this adventure moving forward, I know one day I will look back on these memories fondly. (So I better start writing more down!)

See everyone in 2017!




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